Ink and Oil Figure Study On Paper

Making Of / 17 December 2019

This is a little painting study I did during the final class of the Figure Drawing class I've been taking this Fall at a local arts center MarkArts!  I used an approach to oil painting I've been practicing from time to time for quick studies and live painting.

This oil study on paper took about 2 1/2 hours. Usually, with live models, the painting session is broken into 20 minute periods so the model can have breaks.

  •  I usually spend the entire first 20 minutes just drawing things out.  
  • After getting everything in place with graphite, I reinforced the drawing with ink.
  • Then, I sort of scrub in a mid-tone with Burnt Sienna and a lot of Gamsol.  The paper is quite absorbent, so it dries quickly.  
  • After that, I lay in highlights with white.  The image below is that wash, highlights, and the ink guides from the drawing.
  • From there on, it's a little more freeform, just painting in more detail and filling the background.  The absorbancy of the paper speeds things quite a bit, but I also used a little bit of fast-drying medium on subsequent layers.

Here's a material list, with links to DickBlick for some of the more specific items (I'm not an affiliate or anything, it's just for your convenience):